Established Misr Insurance Company in January 14, 1934 at the hands of a leading National Economy Mohammed Talaat Harb as the first insurance company with a capital of Egyptian and management of Egypt in order to provide insurance protection for the Egyptian projects in support of national independence - at that time - was is the first nucleus of the emergence of the insurance industry national .


I looked the company to stretch its activity at the level of the Arab countries and practiced insurance activity in many of the neighboring countries , especially in Sudan, Libya, Syria and even expanded in 1957 to create the Agencies have in some Gulf countries contributed to the introduction of the industry 's leading in many Arab countries not to those Agencies and offices have been converted for national companies in these countries after the rule of the trend towards nationalization in many Arab countries , however remained for Misr Insurance and competencies deployed in Arab markets to secure credit so far in introducing the industry in many Arab countries .

Contributed to the company through its role in the provision of insurance protection for the various economic sectors, state-owned support development plans and development for the benefit of the Egyptian citizen after the nationalization of economic activity in 1961 and the direction of the state for the integration of a number of insurance companies operating in the market under the name of Egypt to secure the beginning of 1965 Vandmojt Republic Insurance Company and Provident Insurance in Misr Insurance Company in recognition of its leading role and support of the national insurance activity and its role in the service of Galilee Egyptian economy .

Contributed to the company through its investment portfolio in the massive consolidation of important economic projects and the creation of a number of companies and projects in the form of economic development , which contributed to the company's results in terms of support for the Egyptian economy, on the other hand .

Dated 15/7/2006 issued Presidential Decree established the Misr Insurance Holding and turn the insurance companies owned by the state of the four by then ( including Egypt Insurance) to companies belonging to Egypt Insurance Holding subject to the provisions of Law No. 203 of 1991 concerning the public business sector companies and its executive .

Dated 24/9/2007 was the merger of East Insurance and Egyptian Reinsurance Bakimithma book 30/6/2007 at Misr Insurance Company .

Starting 1/7/2010 the company has specialized in general insurance a reconciliation of their positions in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 118 of 2008 , which necessitated the separation of the activities of life insurance and property in the figures independent legal , and so is configured entity insurance giant specializes in property insurance is one of the largest entities of insurance in Middle East .

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